Nestlé, the Swiss multinational food and beverage company, has the objective of strengthening its brands by reinforcing its positioning and highlighting its innovative communication capacity, aware of the changes that consumers face today, they decide to implement more creative ideas that maintain the top of mind of your brands.

Taking advantage of the last contact with customers who visit a self-service store, “the checkout area”, is not an easy task, so it is important to capture the attention and interest of consumers; this was achieved with the technology that Boomerang+ offers, thus creating an intelligent checkout.

Smart checkout consists of taking advantage of innovation by generating positive emotions that influence purchasing decisions. In this case, facial recognition was used to identify the type of customer that is in front of the exhibitors and based on this identification, targeted content is reproduced. on double LCD screens and 3D fans showing synchronized videos on all devices to try to generate a purchase impulse with specific stimuli and having the products they are seeing on the screens at their fingertips.

The product offer is increasingly saturated, there is a lot of advertising noise, consumers are increasingly demanding and brands face great challenges to attract their attention, which is why Nestlé is committed to personalized communication, creative ideas and digital advances. to promote the presence of their brands in the Mexican market.