Colgate, one of the most important brands in oral care and health concerned with the care of the smiles of children and adults, seeks to continue with its strategy of offering valuable content using displays within self-service stores with a technological twist that generates a lasting relationship of trust with its consumers.

Knowing that marketing is not just about making a large investment, but about taking care of every detail, from creativity to implementation, to achieve product positioning and, as a final result, boost their sales.

The brand decided to innovate digitally to transmit its messages through intelligent displays that display a series of synchronized videos on LCD upstands and borders that, in addition to reproducing the content, have facial recognition, displaying a recommendation of the appropriate product according to an analysis. demographic of the person in front of the display, in addition to all of the above, the borders have a technology that allows detecting the behavior of customers using this information to make the borders light up on the products that are generating consumer interest .

This is an example of how Colgate has decided to innovate and take advantage of the technology offered by Boomerang+ to continue creating lasting ties and continue to position its brands within the point of sale.