The international beverage company has always set a trend by knowing in detail the preferences, habits and lifestyles of its consumers, implementing different innovations at the points of sale where it sells its products.

On this occasion, he was not far behind and decided to use one of the solutions that Boomerang+ handles, 3D fans, which, due to the way in which it presents images in a creative way, manages to increase foot traffic, generates an attractive experience for consumers and effective communication that can be reflected in increased sales.

3d Fans

It is a new generation device, created based on LED’s that reproduces images in the form of holograms, giving consumers a 3D vision with movement, causing a great visual impact with the best resolution and offering a complete view regardless of their location.

Thus, Coca-Cola found an excellent way to attract the attention of its potential customers with an excellent visual experience, hand in hand with Boomerang+, which is at the forefront of innovative technologies that turn any traditional display into an intelligent display.