Smart Retail

We use the best technology on the market to generate shopping experiences at the point of sale.

  • Know the profile of your buyer and how they interact with your products
  • Identify your buyer and show them specific products according to their profile
  • Talk to them inside the point of sale with dynamic responses
  • Recommend products, offer promotions and increase your sales



Use the data collected by our technologies to identify your customers, detect their impressions and display content optimized for them to interact with your brand.

Access the 24/7 cloud dashboard to analyze KPI’s such as gender, age, retention, impressions and much more.


Measure the real traffic in your store, display or exhibitor and know the behavior of consumers.

Access real-time data and get a complete picture of the most important insights, which will help drive Marketing, Commerce and Operations actions to generate greater performance from your brands.

Augmented Reality

Generate innovative experiences by making your consumers view digital elements in a real environment through their digital devices.

Digital Displays

Display responsive content on LCD screens with special formats, manage images remotely and create innovative experiences, based on real data.


Use moving hologram images with 3D fans, having 360° visibility.

Get to know our robots that accompany customers during their journey to your products, while projecting videos.

They offer your products when detecting a human figure and display related information.

The best technology within reach of your brands.