Procter & Gamble, one of the largest multinational consumer companies in the world, with the aim of continuing to be in the minds of its consumers in the beauty segment and knowing the importance of mentioning the benefits that its products provide, decided to use technology and Boomerang+ innovation to create unique experiences for customers who walk the aisles of supermarkets while obtaining relevant information that helps them create strategies to maintain their leadership in the market.


Consumer flow

Installation of sensors that allow knowing the way consumers move, knowing what products they are interested in, how much time they spend looking at the products, the purchase interest and the interaction they have with the products.

LCD Borders

In addition to showing directed content through videos that can be changed at any time remotely, they count the people who come to the exhibitors, customer impressions can be known, as well as the interaction and interest with the products. Interactive content displays targeted content in the different sections of the islands and is synced according to the brand.

IR Techonology

Using the innovation of infrared energy, displays were manufactured that allow the information of each product that is touched by consumers to be reflected on the side screen.

These are some of the solutions that help brands get to know their consumers and at the same time allow them to have a personalized shopping experience, showing them targeted content according to their preferences, based on demographic data generated through facial recognition.