L’oreal, a world leader in the sale of beauty and skin care products, decided to turn traditional retail around and turn it into an interactive retailer with Boomerang RMS and Boomerang+, with the aim that customers and consumers they could have a complete shopping experience, by visiting the store and interacting with the different brands present within the point of sale.


In order to achieve this objective, different solutions were implemented to maintain the interest of customers while at the same time knowing the main and complementary products and their benefits, with a combination of innovative technologies:

Community Wall

Wall with pass videos used in their social media campaigns.

LCD Borders

They show interactive content in 4k that presents the benefits of each of the products displayed on the display.

Tablets with facial recognition

Identify customers and present targeted content according to their gender and age.

Specialized Tablets

Designed with the objective that consumers carry out a test and, according to the results of this, receive recommendations for products that suit their needs.

RFID Technology

An innovative solution that identifies when the customer takes a product and displays its information on the screen.

With this project, L’oreal shows that it is a brand aware that consumers have changed the way they shop at the point of sale and decides to be at the forefront, using technology to create a connection by creating personalized experiences.